Nephrolithiasis (Kidney Stones)

Nephrolithiasis typically refers to stones in the Kidney though in this article we'll cover all stones in the urinary tract. It is a common condition that affects 1 in 10 people in the US.


Pilmatricoma (pilomatrixoma) Is a rare benign tumor that grows withing the subcutaneous soft tissues. it is associated with hair follicle matrix. The lesion typically presents as a painless, firm, slow growing mass most commonly seen in the head and neck, but they can also be seen in the trunk and extremities. Usually seen in children … Continue reading Pilomatricoma

Omphalocele vs. Gastroschisis

Omphalocele and Gastroschisis fall under an umbrella of ventral/anterior thoraco-abdominal wall defects that also include bladder extrophy and ectopia cordis. Prenatal ultrasound is essential in the detection of these conditions. Fetal gut herniation is a normal part of intrauterine development. Begins at 6-8 weeks and completes by 10-12 weeks.   The gut elongates or grows … Continue reading Omphalocele vs. Gastroschisis

Neonatal Hip Ultrasound

Neonatal Hip Ultrasound Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip is a congenital disorder in which the acetabulum is underdeveloped or there is dislocation of the hip. Incidence of DDH is 1.5 in 1,000 it is more seen in females with a ratio of about 4:1. Indications Abnormal Physical Hip Click Breech Presentation Oligohydramnios Family history or … Continue reading Neonatal Hip Ultrasound