Liver Anatomy and Protocol basics

Liver Protocol basics.
The liver is the largest internal organ, the right lobe is 5-6 times larger than the left.
Normally measures about 15cm at mid clavicular line in adults, there is much variation in pediatric populations by age and size.
The liver is covered by a layer of connective tissue referred to as Glisson’s capsule. The liver is normally more echogenic then the renal cortex.
Order of echogenicity highest to lowest
renal sinus> pancreas>liver>spleen>renal cortex >renal medullary pyramids
The liver is drained by the hepatic veins of which there is usually 3, Left, Middle and Right. They connect to the IVC which drain into the right atrium.
The liver is fed oxygenated blood by the hepatic artery and portal vein.
Here is the basic sonographic protocol for scanning the liver.

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Here is a quick video explaining the protocol.

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