Gallbladder Infographic

References: Liddle, Rodger A., et al. "Cholecystokinin bioactivity in human plasma. Molecular forms, responses to feeding, and relationship to gallbladder contraction." Journal of Clinical Investigation 75.4 (1985): 1144. Stampfer, Meir J., et al. "Risk of symptomatic gallstones in women with severe obesity." The American journal of clinical nutrition 55.3 (1992): 652-658.



An intussusception is a medical condition in which a part of the intestine goes into another, typically the Ileum into the Ascending colon causing a intestinal obstruction. An easy way to visualize the mechanism is to imagine when you collapse a telescope, that is essentially what happens to the intestines. The part that prolapses into … Continue reading Intussusception